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Being In Bristol | Feast on Food

In 2017, Bristol was named the ‘best place to live in Britain’ in the Sunday Times Best places to live guide. I was not surprised.

Almost four years ago now, I decided to take the plunge and move to Bristol so that I could read a tonne of books that I loved and hopefully gain a Bachelors degree in English Literature. Now I am a graduate and I can happily say that I have not regretted my decision since the day I packed my bags and fled the nest.

Someone once asked me to sum up Bristol in one word and I found it excruciatingly difficult. The best I could do was three: creative, inclusive and wonderfully entertaining (okay, I realise that’s four but what can you do?) So, to all of you undergraduates out there struggling to decide where you are going to embark on your University experience of a lifetime, and all of you city breakers looking for your next destination, choose Bristol because it’s wicked.

Funnily enough, this blog was originally set out to be one continual piece; however, similarly to my not being able to sum up Bristol in three words, I have far too much to say and will publish it in four installments instead.

So prepare yourselves for Part One, Feast on Food. I hope you enjoy the blog and are inspired to give some of these great locations a go. I promise you won’t be dissapointed!

Feast on Food

For me food is everything and in Bristol food is everywhere! The culinary scene here is truly incredible with hundreds of restaurants, cafes and bistros to choose from.

Bristol has seen first hand the rise of the independents, with a colossal number of authentic and original small businesses opening their doors. Vegans, Vegetarians and Gluten intolerants are also most welcome, as i can assure you that nowhere does Vegan quite like Bristol does.

For the Burger Bingers…


Asado is the ultimate burger lover’s dream. Located on Colston Street, it is the perfect after work beer and burger spot for you and all of your friends. Their menu is small but mighty and you’ll be sure to enjoy everything they have on offer. Drool over their Insagram here!


The Burger Joint

Who wouldn’t love a burger joint where you can build your own burger? I always order a Venison burger topped with gooey Brie and Black Pudding (don’t knock it until you try it)! You can find this gem on Whiteladies Road.


For the Cake Cravers…

Mrs Potts

Have a sweet tooth? Then Mrs Potts is the place for you. Perfect for coffee and cake on a sunny Sunday afternoon, this gorgeous little boutique-style chocolate house makes everything from Chocolate Fudge Brownies, to Chocolate Fondue with Strawberries or Marshmallows, to their brand new Strawberry Rippled White Chocolate Cheesecake!


If the smell of their freshly baked pastries and cheese toasties hasn’t already lured you in, then be sure to escape from your work desk and pick up a Pinkmans on Park Street. All of their sweet and savoury delights are made from scratch on site and you can definitely tell. Be sure to try their toasted sandwiches which are a great favourite of mine.


For Those Who Love it Down and Dirty…

The Hobgoblin

When I am hungover I need loaded fries with plenty of sauce and plenty of calories. Gloucester Road is crammed with great places to eat but the fries are filthiest at The Hobgoblin. If you’re ordering a burger and loaded fries, be sure to share because even I can’t manage a whole portion!


Macaroni Cheese… Buttermilk Fried Chicken… Halloumi Fries… What else could a girl want? Luckily for me, this hub of joy is situated on Whiteladies Road which is dangerously close to my workplace.


For the Falafel Fanatics…


Schnafel is one of those places that you try once and only days later find yourself returning. It’s addictive and it’s delicious, with a wide range of Falafel, Chicken Schnitzel and Salad wraps and boxes available for those lucky enough to find this fast food joint. At affordable prices and generous portion sizes, you can’t go wrong with a ‘Schnafs’!

Stitched Panorama

For the Ultimate Roast…

Brace and Browns

If you have never had a Sunday lunch at Brace and Browns, you are missing out. Think top quality locally sourced produce served on a huge slab of wood with crispy (yes crispy) roast potatoes, honey roasted root vegetables, huge Yorkshire puddings and lashings of gravy that comes in its own enamel jug. It’s no wonder their roasts have won awards!

Brace and browns final image

The Gloucester Old Spot

I came across this pleasant Bistro pub on Kellaway Avenue in my final year at University and I am very glad that I did. The Sunday roast dinners are delicious with melt in the mouth beef that is perfectly pink served with a beautiful parsnip purée and all the Veggie trimmings. This family friendly pub also has a gorgeous outside area for those weekend afternoons in the Summer.


I love Bristol because even after living here for four years, there are still what seems like a million restaurants and bistros I am desperate to try. Please keep in mind that these locations are only a small selection of my favourites as i could rattle on for days about all the places i love to eat. Have you got a favourite Bristol restaurant? Comment any recommendations below!

Be sure to check out the next installment of my Bristol mini series coming soon!

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