Spots? What Spots? Tips & Tricks On How to Prevent Blind Spots

Like many other people in the world, I suffer from spots. Or, shall I say, I used to.

Throughout my college and university years, that special time of the month that we girls truly love (I hope you can hear the note of sarcasm in my voice there), always brought with it an evil sidekick that left me feeling extra miserable (all hormones put aside). For me, my spots would always appear under the skin and on my chin which according to the lovely Google, is called a blind spot. Not only are blind spots really painful and uncomfortable, but they also take a really long time to heal if not treated carefully. My number one tip… Do not, under any circumstances, attempt to squeeze it to the surface, as this will only cause redness, swelling, and even facial scarring.

My outbreaks were almost entirely my fault. You see, I made the rookie error of using wet wipes to remove my make-up for a very, very, long time. To make things worse, nine times out of ten, they were Johnson’s Sensitive Baby Wipes because they were cheap, affordable and great on my sensitive skin. BIG MISTAKE! I might also add that I did succumb to the odd drunken evening where I would crawl under my sheets and fall asleep, only to wake up to a mascara smeared pillow and a mascara smeared face. A look, by the way, that I definitely cannot pull off.

Eventually, I decided enough was enough, realizing that it was just down right laziness and a reluctance to spend my money on quality products that was causing my outbreaks. After testing and trialling a number of different brands and products, I have found an evening routine that has done wonders for my skin and in consequence, my happiness. As an added hooray, all the products I currently use for my evening cleanse are animal cruelty free!


Step 1: Cleanse

FORGET make-up wipes! They do not remove the entire day’s impurities. Instead, find a cleanser that works for you. I use The Body Shop’s Vitamin E Range which includes their Cream Cleanser. Not only does it smell amazing, but it leaves my sensitive skin feeling supple and rejuvenated. It’s also alcohol free! Just as an FYI, I always use double sided cotton pads that are dampened with a little warm water. This way you only have to use one or two pads at most to remove your entire face of make up.


Step 2: Exfoliate

Before applying a moisturiser, I advise using a gentle exfoliator to remove any dead skin cells and bacteria. You wouldn’t apply a top coat of varnish to a smudged nail so don’t do the same to your face. Realistically, if you moisturise without exfoliating you are just rubbing cream onto dead skin cells and plugging up those pores of yours. For a long time now, I have been using Marks and Spencer’s Formula Daily Exfoliating Face Scrub. It is such an amazing product as the formula isn’t too coarse, which makes it an excellent daily exfoliator that won’t dry out and damage your skin.


Step 3: Tone

Time to rehydrate your skin! I use The Body Shop’s Vitamin E Hydrating Toner to make sure my skin is getting everything it needs after a long day. Unlike other toners I have used, The Body Shop’s Vitamin E range leaves my skin feeling supple, soft, and smooth rather than dryed out. I often get dry patches of skin across my cheeks; however, I feel the added Wheatgerm Oil really helps to prevent this.


Step 4: Moisturise

The best part of the day! Go to bed feeling refreshed and silky smooth with Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream! I know that at £70 for 50mls, it is quite expensive; however, I am yet to come across a moisturiser that I love more. There are no better words to describe Charlotte’s Magic Cream other than pure magic and pure luxury. Only the tiniest amount leaves my skin feeling soft and pampered all night long and the 50ml tub lasts what seems to be a lifetime so it is worth the extra pennies.


Ok, so this last product might not prevent your blind spots; however, I am just obsessed with The Body Shop’s Vitamin E Refreshing Eyes Cube. I often get sore and tiered eyes at the end of the day that feel scratchy and uncomfortable. So when my mother-in-law bought me this for my 24th birthday (she is the best present giver in the entire world by the way), I was over the moon. The creamy cooling stick instantly energises and revives my eyes, leaving them feeling refreshed and revitalised for the evening or day time! I really do recommend!


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my first beauty and wellness blog! It was such a pleasure to write as i feel these products have really helped me to overcome my spot problem. Are you obsessed with any facial products at the moment? I would love to hear any recommendations you beauty bloggers might have, so do leave a comment below!

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